"Why simply collect art when you can interact with it, use it as a functioning entity?"

Founder/CEO, Jacob Rahman

Jacob Rahman is a creative entrepreneur and CEO of Soho Design House. Coming of age in Southern California, Rahman grew up amidst early graffiti culture and his infatuation with urban art was born.

After graduating from design school he went to work for an elite design firm that outfitted luxury estates in San Diego. There he became well versed in luxurious turn-key design and was introduced to the world of contemporary rugs. With over 15 years of experience in the design industry, Rahman has served as head of business development for the The Rug Company and established his own interior design consulting firm. During his reign as a design consultant, Rahman was notorious for his ability to enhance spaces through art.

In 2010 he was deployed to Afghanistan, and immersed himself in concepting Soho Design House to make it through the arduous time. Rahman has merged his affinity for contemporary art and background in handmade rugs to create one-of-a-kind functional works of art. With a unique perspective on urban design, he created the world’s premiere art rug company; Soho Design House.